Saturday, September 27, 2014

She Ran A Mile...She Can Do Anything!

Xiera's school was hosting a mile fun day race for all of the schools in our county to attend. It was not mandatory to run as it was all for fun. Everyone who would run in the race would receive a metal for participation. Xiera told me she wanted to run in the race because she was interested in possibly running for track in the next couple of years since it is not available yet for fifth graders. We of course encourage this interest she has as we are a very active family. Weeks before the race we practiced running together as a family every other evening. She would sometimes even pass me up and run an extra lap. We knew she was ready for this.
On the day of the race Xiera was VERY nervous. We told her to do the best that she could and that we knew she could do this because she had her heart and mind set on it. ANYTHING is possible when you believe in yourself. She found a few friends before the race which made her nervous butterflies calm down a bit.

Soon it was time to take their positions on the line.

Once they were on their mark it was time to get set, and GO!

We chanted "Go Xiera Go!" over and over again!

Finally she made it to the finish line, and they placed that medal over her head. She did not place but she had made it and she was proud and we were proud for her!

She did encounter quite an ordeal while running. They ran around the track into a wooded trail. While running on the wooded trail a hornet's nest fell right in front of her path. She couldn't go around it in time so she ran through it. Poor thing got stung 4 times on her back.

She didn't stop running even though she was in pain. She told me, "Mom, it hurt so bad but I didn't want to stop. I wanted to finish. I had to finish." And finish is exactly what she did. She said afterwards, "I feel like I can do anything!" She had made it...she had followed through. Anything is truly possible when you put your mind, body, heart, and soul into it.
*She is doing fine by the way. Her back swelled up a little bit but after applying ice to the stings, the swelling went down.*
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