Monday, February 10, 2014

Ruby The Rubik's Cube Valentine Box

Over the weekend, my daughter Xiera worked on her Valentine box for her upcoming Valentine party at school. She wanted something cute, retro, and kawaii. She fell in love with an adorable Rubik's cube box idea she found on Pinterest created by Tammy and Annie of Peppermint Plum. Xiera decided to recreate her own version. We substituted black construction paper in the place of the black foam paper it called for underneath the colorful foam block squares.

We also decided to cut the hole on top with an x-acto knife AFTER the box was complete. I helped with this part. ;)
Xiera requested an opening in the back to remove all of her Valentines and candy with ease so I used the x-acto knife once again to create this opening.

Xiera cannot wait to show off Ruby the Rubik's Cube to all of her friends this week at her Valentine party. We think it turned out very kawaii!

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