Friday, January 31, 2014

Bearded Girls

The beginning of this year has been a busy one. The girls have had 6 snow days so far and old man winter is dropping hints that there is more to come. I have been keeping busy with crocheting and helping Zella (on the side) selling girl scout cookies. The temperature has dropped down a few times here in northwest Ohio to -14 degrees and that isn't even the wind chill!! *BRRR!!* So to keep the girls warm, I have been crocheting beard hats.

These hats are hilarious and make my daughters look like members of the Duck Dynasty. I crocheted a simple beanie hat and then a beard and sewed the two together. Would you like to make one? Here is a link to the pattern I used to create these fun hats. It was created by Ashlee of Topsy Turvy. Stay warm my friends and happy crocheting!

 photo kittysiggie.jpg


Ildiko said...

great shoots!love that crazy beard!

crochetdlane said...

Thank you lldiko!


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