Saturday, October 5, 2013

Little Girls and Earrings

A few weeks ago, Zella came home and told me she wanted her ears pierced. Now this is the same little girl that had told me right after seeing her big sister get her ears pierced a few years back, up until that moment she would NEVER EVER get her ears pierced. I had to know why she had this sudden change of heart so I asked. She told me that her best friends at school, the twins, had the cutest earrings and that she wanted to wear them too. She told me about their cool pizza slice earrings and their cute little puppy dog earrings. This conversation sounded very familiar. I remember coming home from school when I was about her age, begging my mom and dad for my ears to be pierced after seeing all of my friends wearing the coolest earrings. I remember that I actually wore Mrs. Potato earrings to school just so I could show that I had the coolest pair of earrings too. It didn't work out so well.

After she asked everyday for almost 16 days straight, we decided to take her after school to get her ears pierced. She was beyond excited! As soon as we arrived at Claires and notified the ladies working that she wanted her ears pierced, Zella already knew what to do. She sat in that piercing chair, picked out which earrings she wanted, and grabbed as many stuffed animals that her two arms could hold for support.

Soon it was piercing time.

Just look at that smile! And she didn't even blink a tear.

I really like the pretty sparkly flower earrings she picked out too. She is such a big and brave little lady! I am so proud of her!

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