Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dabbling a Little Here and a Little There

I recently found a great idea on a lovely blog I frequent a lot. I have a pair of bird sewing scissors that are sometimes uncomfortable to use. They leave indentations around my fingers. I don't use them often because of this reason...until now! I found this BRILLIANT idea to crochet grips around the finger holes on the scissors at One Sheepish Girl.

I adore the colors coral and pink together so I decided to use those colors for the grips. Now they are super comfy to use and pretty too!
I also finished a cute pair of flip flops for a dear customer of mine late last week that I have been meaning to share.

They are a gift for her neighbor who is a friend of her teenage daughter. I call these Lavender Fields and I really like the colors on this one. They turned out very nice.
 photo kittysiggie.jpg

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