Monday, November 26, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

This year the girls got their very own Christmas tree to decorate and display in their room. Zella wanted a white tree because white and silver are her favorite colors. Xiera loves pink,rainbows, and kitties so she picked out some colorful ornaments to decorate the tree with. She chose the Cheshire cat to place on top of the tree. The girls both decided to make it a Lalaloopsy tree and sat their favorite mini lala dolls on the tree.
To keep with tradition, we took the girls to visit Santa the Saturday after Thanksgiving. They got their lists ready and were all smiles to see their favorite jolly guy.
This year Zella declared that she wanted to visit Santa separately from her sister. So she went first and had a very serious talk with him. I heard something about a Baby Butterscotch Pony. ;)
Xiera was next and they were both all giggles and smiles about something.
The nice balloon lady made Zella a snowgirl.
And Xiera requested a Candy Cane man with a top hat and scarf. (Totally her own creation.) She is so funny!
I just love Christmas time. Don't you?


~Bekah said...

awww love it! i remember getting to set up my very first christmas tree in my room.... i just threw it out this was ragedy! it was a tiny lil think! lol shelby got 3 lil pink tinsel trees in her room last year but this year since we JUST MOVED she wanted a white multi-colored light tree and so daddy got her one and it's cute! it's 4' tall and has all bright colored ornaments on it! :) she LOVES LALALOOPSY TOO! wish i could find ornaments for her she wants Lala for christmas :) lol

crochetdlane said...

Awww Bekah, thanks! I saw pics of your new place. It is beautiful. My girls love the lalaloopsys dolls too. They are just too cute!


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