Saturday, August 4, 2012

Something New

I had a bit of a surprise outside yesterday evening while filling the empty bird feeder with new seeds for my feathered friends to enjoy. I first looked down and noticed a broken dove egg lying on the ground. I then looked up and saw a nest of sticks and dead grass. I didn't see anyone inside from the angle I was standing so being the nosy person that I am, I grabbed my camera and ladder and climbed up to find this!

I think I see three or possibly four sweet little baby doves keeping cozy in there. How absolutely precious!

Yesterday Xiera took her third trip to the Orthodontists' office. Xiera has a cross bite that we have known about for sometime. She now wears an expander to help correct it and will for the next 6-9 months. She surprisingly enjoys wearing it and can't wait to show it off to all of her friends when she starts back to school in three weeks.

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