Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Lalaloopsy Birthday For My Love

Xiera's turned 7 years old on Friday which was also her last day of first grade. We celebrated on Saturday and the theme was Lalaloopsys.

For those of you who do not know who the Lalaloopsys are; they are these colorful little dolls with button eyes. They come with their very own birthdays. Their birthdays represent what their interests are for example Blossom Flowerpot enjoys planting and gardening and was born on Earth Day.
This party was slightly difficult to do since there are no Lalaloopsy party supplies currently out yet so I had to get creative.
I found the adorable Lalaloopsy birthday banner on etsy and am a bit sad I forgot to take a closer picture of it when it was hanging. Every other letter had a lalaloopsy character on it. I strung little buttons I had laying around in between each letter. You can somewhat see it in this angled picture of the party table.

I found out how to make the pretty tissue paper flower puff decorations from Martha Stewart's website. I actually originally made these for Zella's bird themed party earlier on this year but forgot to hang them up.

I placed a variety of candies on the table for our young guests to put into their goody bags. I also made the yummiest peanut butter button cookies to snack on. I found the easy recipe HERE.

The goody bags were filled with a variety of goodies that represented each lalaloopsy character. I put pencils in them for Bea Spells A Lot, flower rings for Blossom Flowerpot, star stickers for Dot Starlight, wands for Jewel Sparkles, and pinwheels for Peanut Big Top.

Bea supervised the goody bag table from her Ferris Wheel ride.

It was a pizza party so I was happy I could focus less on the menu and more on the decorations and the overall enjoyment of the party.
The girls played pin the tiara on Jewel Sparkles. I painted a picture of Jewel onto poster board and cut out tiaras from pink poster board. We used Xiera's sleep mask as the blindfold. The girls LOVED this game!!

Then it was time to color your favorite Lalaloopsy character.

Xiera opened up a lot of wonderful gifts. Her favorite was her newest Lalaloopsy, Patch Treasurechest, (who was born on Pirate Day.) Her beautiful Jewel Sparkle inspired dress was made by Charity of Twirlicious & Company.

This year I decided to take the easiest route and purchase her cake from the bakery instead of baking it myself.

It turned out beautiful and it tasted great!
Make a wish my love!

Happy 7th Birthday Xiera!! Hugs and kisses!


GwenLina said...

Hi there. I'm so excited to have found your blog. you are the ONLY person I've found who's done a lalaloopsy bday party. It has been tough finding inspiration/ideas/products for this theme. I think you did a great job and your daughter is beautiful. That dress came out amazing, too.

Quick question. What did you use to prop the full size dolls up? I like the idea of them being, sort of, centerpieces. :)

crochetdlane said...

Thank you Gwenlina for your sweet comments about my birthday party ideas. You should join the lalaloopsy birthday page on Facebook. There are a lot of great ideas from other moms on there who are planning on having or who have already had a lalaloopsy themed birthday party for their child. I used some old porcelain doll stands I had for the lalaloopsy dolls. I just had them sitting around and they worked out really nicely.

GwenLina said...

Omg, why did I not think to check facebook? lol I will hop on over there right now. Thanks for your help! :)

crochetdlane said...

You are welcome GwenLina! ;)

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