Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crochet Headband Giveaway

I made a promise to host a monthly giveaway on my blog and I am going to keep it!

2 lucky winners (YES I said TWO!!) will win 2 (Yes I did say TWO again!!)Custom crochet headbands of their choice in ANY color or design.

Just look at my latest headband designs!

Maybe you would like to have two completely different headbands for that little someone special or maybe that someone special is yourself! (Mother's Day is just around the corner!) Maybe you would like sister matching headbands or a mommy and me matching set!

I will be drawing TWO winners who will win TWO custom crochet headbands of their choice on Friday morning, May 7, 2010. This giveaway is for anyone! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling me which headband design is your favorite. If you do not have your own blog than please leave your email within the comment for contacting purposes. Good luck and have fun!


Anonymous said...

so hard to just pick one!!
but im really loving the ones with the big flowers!! <3

Brooklyn said...

I love them all...I think my favorite is the Daisy Zella is wearing!

Thanks for the sweetness Lindsay!


Kat said...

My fav is the BLUE big flower :) love that color !! I love blue on my baby girl :) Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway!


Angie Field said...

They are all gorgeous but my favourite is the little Rosette one! Just so sweet. :)

Jessica said...

How do you enter?

crochetdlane said...

Hey Jessica!

Just leave a comment telling me which headband you like and I will draw 2 lucky winners next Friday! ;)


Anonymous said...

They are all very cute!!!

Kim Schultz said...

Hi Lindsay! My favorite is the daisy!

Unknown said...

I love the headband with the red, yellow, and green flowers. It is so adorable!


Anonymous said...

Hey Lindsay! It's Kelly T. I like them ALL, but I really like the colorful ones in the last pic. I also like the one with the 2 white flowers :O I think you know my email?

Anonymous said...

They are all so cute! My favorite is the last one with the single flower.

Emily T.

Sugar*Buzz said...

I Like them all too, But My favorites, I think is the Big Blue flower headband and the little rosettes.

Anonymous said...

definatly the triple flower headband.
love it!
lots of color :)
keenah wilbourn

Anonymous said...

my fav is the ones with the HUGE flowers, so cute!

leslie jordan

Lynn Hamer said...

Hey girl! I am loving them all but the top one with the big white daisy is toooo cute!

Thanks for offering a drawing! That's awesome! Can't wait! :)


Harmony said...

they r all my favorites... i love the ones with the big flowers on them my absolute favorites... the blue flower is so pretty... they all r very beautiful i also like the one with the pink, yellow and green flower... =) i think these would make great gifts, and moms with baby girls would be very happy because this would help clear up the confusion is baby a boy or girl, if they have not much hair... hehe! i also like the one with the big pink flower, what a great idea... u r so very talented! and i hope to be someday as good as a crocheter as u r... =)

Anonymous said...

Mine is definatly the pink with the white flower although all of them are super cute!!!

Brittany said...

I love both the Daisy and the Big blue flower! :)


Harmony said...

hey lindsay i forgot to attach my e-mail to my blog post... it's thank u!

chester_h2 said...

love the new stuff
orders coming*

Joni Robbins said...

I love the one on the bottom showing it worn with one, two or three flowers! SO fun!

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