Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rushed Christmas Order and Holiday Hairstyles

I rushed delivered this little cutie and adorable pair of pink and white leg warmers today for a dear customer of mine to make it in time to be under the Christmas tree this week! Phew....now I can breathe!! ;)
This past weekend we had an early Christmas dinner at my grandparents in laws. They always have their Christmas get together a week early so all of the grand children and great grandchildren can get together. Xiera asked me earlier on that day to do something pretty to her hair so we visited one of my favorite hairstyle blogs; The Story of a Princess and Her Hair, and found the perfect Hairstyle.

Look at those curls! Can you believe they stayed in all evening? She took one look in the mirror at her hair and told me she felt like a Princess.
Just look at that smile!

Here are a few pics from Sunday night's get together.
Hmmmm...I wonder what is inside!!

Time to open and see...

O wow Roller Skating Barbie!

Look...I got Veterinarian Barbie!

I love this next one. Zella was flashing one of her notorious dirty annoyed looks!

And last...the dreaded group photo of all the great grand children! LOL!

With love,

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