Sunday, November 29, 2009

Santa Baby

Yesterday we took the girls to go and see Santa. We had such a good time. (Ugg I don't like my face in the above pic but the girls look super cute as always. I was totally caught off guard.)
The girls ate some delicious cookies.

Did a little dancing.

And Xiera loved the clown who made her a balloon flower.

He made Zella a funny looking pink poodle. Why does he look so funny you ask? Well have a look for yourself! LOL!

Finally the girls sat with Santa and told him everything they wanted for Christmas. Zella still wasn't too sure about him so I sat with her again this year. Xiera told him she wanted a FurReal kitty cat and Zella said she wanted a dog. :)

Now it's time to put up our Christmas tree. ;)

With love,


Gloria P. said...

Love the hats. I especially love how you pulled the red thread over the white to make the brim look like a candy came. Great work and the girls look beautiful.

~Bekah said...

what sweet little angels!! i just love their little hats!!
well, i'm devastated!! i cannot FOR THE LIFE OF ME find Shelby's Turkey bow & hat it was on!! we had it all day THanksgiving and removed it that night in the hotel in my families town and i realize yesterday after my MIL was searchin for Shelby's brown hat, that it's missing. I'm not sure if it's been left behind in the hotel or if it's somewhere in my hubbies toolbox where he shoved all my things since we had to make room for all our Black Friday bargains..... i'm DEVASTATED!! so...i may have to have you make another turkey clip.... :( sniffle sniffle... :( I PRAY i find it and will let you know ASAP! i have lost sleep over this! lol.. and hubbs has the key to his toolbox and is too "busy" to look!! UGH! lol...

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