Monday, August 17, 2009

Punk Rock Halloween Sneak Peak

I FINALLY finished a doll and two hats and mailed them out Express to be modeled with their matching sets. Xiera modeled one of the hats and doll for me really fast before I mailed it out. The Lil Peas Go Batty Halloween Guest Launch has been going on for a week now with only one more week to go! I feel like such a procrastinator! What should I name the little doll? I was thinking Patrice the Punk. Sick (the cool sick), or Lame?

With Love,


Gloria said...

love the doll, and the hat, my daugter loved punk. is the doll your pattern? r u selling them?

J7Troop said...

How cool! I love the Mohawk!! And that doll is adorable :) I love her little outfit. It turned out cute! I can't wait to see the auctions for these!

If you're a procrastinator... so am I. I listed my dress today.

Sally said...

Oh my gosh Lindsay! ADORABLE!!!! You are so talented. Very unique!

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