Monday, July 13, 2009

Lost Lens

So early last week, like any other morning, after Xiera was all dressed, and I had finished brushing and clipping back her hair, I reached for her glasses case to get out her glasses and have her put them on. As I opened the box, I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. (Mind you, I had not had my morning cup of coffee yet.) I began cleaning the lens with their special lens cloth when I noticed a problem. My fingers went straight through the right eye frame of her glasses. Confused; I began looking inside of her case, on the floor, and the desk for the missing lens. I asked Xiera about it, and she had no idea. So after a day of frantic searching went by to no avail; we went and purchased a brand new pair for her. This time, she chose pink! We just picked them up today and Xiera LOVES them, of course! Hopefully the lens won't mysteriously disappear from this pair. ;)

With Love,


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