Saturday, January 31, 2009

Newsboy Style

I just received pictures back this evening from my model and her mommy and I could not WAIT to share my new Newsboy style hat!! Isn't it just lovely? I really love it so much! What is really exciting is that this can be made to fit a size 2T up to an adult size in practically any color combo!! I could probably make it to fit a bit smaller size too, but I would have to tweek the pattern just a bit to do so. ;) Isn't Elle just a living doll? I just love those beautiful blue eyes of hers. I am always impressed with her and her mommy Mandy's pictures! They are such a joy to work with. If you are interested in having them model for you, you can find them Here and Here. And don't forget to check out her BLOG.

With Love,


The adventure of a redneck mommy. said...

how cute

crochetdlane said...

O thanks so much! This is one of my favorites too! ;)


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