Friday, September 19, 2008

A Mouse Named Minnie And a Smores Snowman

What is up with that title you ask? LOL!!

Well Xiera modeled another really adorable 3-piece set for Jayne of Baby*Grace*Designs. The theme is Mickey and Minnie! I just love the knitted leggings and hoodie top!! So cute!

I also just finished a Snowman Hat with matching leg warmers to match the Moda Smores Fabric. I am pairing up with Lise of posharella who was formally known as lollipop*tots*1234. I really LOVE her new name change!! Here is a little sneak of the hat...and I just shipped it off today to be modeled so please stay tuned!

With Love,


Stacy said...

very always.....
i just realized i haven't mailed u that scrap piece....i'll do it monday...

~Bekah said...

Awww! I really love the little snowman hat! I've not mastered this type of crocheting yet. I'm still in the beginner stage. I've done only 2 hats so far but they turned out pretty cute! I just wish I had the time to perfect what I've learned! I love this! Sooo cute! Your designs are amazing! I love looking at them!

crochetdlane said...

Thanks Stacy and Bekah! Can't wait to see that scrap piece and get started on th ehat to match! ;) And Bekah...just keep practicing!! You'll get it! ;)


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